Factory1 2K19 Winners


Integrated Urban Mobility

Aerostate has developed the air quality management platform for smart cities. This platform is a one stop shop for making decisions that impact the city ecology. The product has 3 levels: monitoring, analysis and scenario forecasting.

Country USA
CEO Dimitri Solomentsev
Lead Mentor Estibaliz Baranano


Mobility Data Platform Solutions

Bestmile offers a proven, cloud-based, vehicle agnostic software platform that enables mobility service providers to quickly and easily offer new mobility services such as ride hailing, ride pooling, micro-transit, robotaxi and autonomous shuttle services for any type of vehicle. Bestmile helps mobility providers reduce costs by accelerating time-to-market and reducing R&D and software development; and empowers mobility providers to deliver safer, greener, and more efficient journeys to their customers.

Country Switzerland
CEO Raphael Gindrat
Lead Mentor Wolfgang Brückler


Mobility Data Platform Solutions

Derq offers AI & ML algorithms & applications that predict the intentions & pathways of road users and then communicate threats through V2X technologies. Derq does this by deploying their patented algorithms on existing or easily installed roadside sensors, & partners with cities, ITS/infra companies, fleets, automotives, and AVs to add their algorithms & alerts to their roads & vehicles.

Country United Arab Emirates
CEO Dr. Georges Aoude
Lead Mentor Barbara Hollinger

Exeon Analytics


Exeon Analytics fights advanced cyber-attacks using big data analytics. Their flagship product ExeonTrace relies on big data algorithms and machine learning to identify covert APT attacks and malware infections hiding in regular network traffic. ExeonTrace connects to existing SIEM solutions like Splunk and Elasticsearch and identifies anomalies in the collected network traffic and event log data using algorithms developed at ETH Zurich. This allows the customers to find the so-called needle in the haystack and transform collected log data into actionable security insights.

Country Switzerland
CEO David Gugelmann
Lead Mentor Sinan Tankaz


Mobility Data Platform Solutions

ObjectBox is an edge database for IoT and Mobile, which is 10x faster than any alternative. It enables companies to develop decentralized IoT products that are independent from the cloud and perform in real-time. On top of the database, ObjectBox builds a data synchronization solution to enable synchronizing data to the server, the cloud, and directly between devices (peer-to-peer).

Country Germany
CEO Vivien Dollinger
Lead Mentor Sebastian Opitz