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Factory1 – FAQs

Useful info for startups.

Factory1 is a startup accelerator for startups that are building ground-breaking technologies in Kapsch TrafficCom’s strategic areas (see ). The program provides financial resources, expert mentoring and opportunities to collaborate with Kapsch TrafficCom and our partners through a six-month program.
Selected companies will receive resources from Kapsch TrafficCom, potential opportunities to partner with Kapsch TrafficCom teams and support from Kapsch TrafficCom’s global ecosystem. Companies may collaborate with Kapsch TrafficCom on business and technology development.

The program length is limited to 6 months.

  • Kapsch TrafficCom is headquartered in Vienna. This is also where we define our innovation strategies and develop our technologies.
  • You do not have to re-locate your company to Vienna.
  • Your CEO and a second team member (preferably your CTO) will have to be present in Vienna for the Kick-Off Bootcamp, the three Acceleration Weeks in Vienna and Berlin and the Demo Day in Montréal (Canada). All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by Factory1.

The key differentiator is our clear focus on establishing long-term strategic partnerships between each of our participating startups and Kapsch TrafficCom. Throughout our 6-months program each startup is paired with several of our experts who act like the lead advocates to

  • enable the startup to engage with the right Kapsch TrafficCom team(s)
  • help drive technology and market validation
  • produce significant internal and external traction for the proof-of-concept project
  • promote it through the Kapsch TrafficCom distribution and customer channels

Startups selected for Factory1 receive the tools and resources necessary to build successful proof-of-concept projects and strategic partnerships with Kapsch TrafficCom. Examplarly program benefits: financial support and strategic funding of global proof-of-concept projects, introduction to industry experts, innovating with global Kapsch TrafficCom executives, expert mentoring sessions, global industry events and fairs, PR and marketing support.

The Factory1 Accelerator is designed for companies (Seed Stage, Series A, Series B) building solutions for Connected & Autonomous Driving, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Smart Mobility, Security & Privacy, Telematic Infrastructure and Payment & Transaction Processes. We want entrepreneurs who have a functional prototype or working product with first reference customers/sales traction, an experienced team and a passion to build something that will transform our industry.

Startups will be selected for the Factory1 Accelerator 2018. Qualified startups are evaluated through a multi-phase selection process that evaluates the viability of their business plans, the merits and competitive differentiation of their technology, the strength of their teams and their alignment with Kapsch TrafficCom’s strategic focus. 15 selected finalists present their technology and company to a panel of Kapsch TrafficCom executives and technology experts in the headquarters in Vienna. We will announce the timeline for the batch of 2018 soon.

Kapsch TrafficCom launched Factory1 as part of its “open innovation” strategy. The program plays an especially important role in our strategic push to catalyse the mobility industry and provides an opportunity for us to identify disruptive technologies early while forging strategic partnerships with high-potential startups.

Yes all travel expenses during the Kick-Off Days, the Acceleration Days and the ITS World Congress are covered by Kapsch. If you want to extend your stay you will have to cover the costs yourself.

Yes! We are currently finalizing our timeline and will be back with further information soon.

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