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About Us

About Us

Kapsch TrafficCom launched Factory1 as part of its open innovation strategy. The program plays an essential role in the strategic push to catalyze the mobility industry and provides an opportunity for Kapsch TrafficCom to identify disruptive technologies early while forging strategic partnerships with high-potential startups. Factory1 is an acceleration program for startups which are building ground-breaking technologies in Kapsch TrafficCom’s strategic areas (Connected & Autonomous Driving, Data Analytics & Deep Learning, Smart Mobility, Security & Privacy, Infrastructure and Payment & Transaction Processes).

Qualified startups are evaluated through a multi-phase selection process that evaluates the viability of their business plans, the merits and competitive differentiation of their technology, the strength of their teams and their alignment with Kapsch TrafficCom’s strategic focus. Startups selected for Factory1 receive the tools and resources necessary to build successful proof-of-concept projects and strategic partnerships with Kapsch TrafficCom. Examplarly program benefits: financial support and strategic funding of global proof-of-concept projects, introduction to industry experts, innovating with global Kapsch TrafficCom executives, expert mentoring sessions, global industry events and fairs, PR and marketing support.

Behind every accelerator you need a strong team to plan and execute the program. Meet the seven individuals who are working hard on making Factory1 a success.

Heinrich Schmid-Schmidsfelden Program Lead
Sara Aiello Program Manager
Events & Marketing
Gregor Appeltauer Program Manager
Process Analytics
Mathias Schubert Program Manager
Startup Responsible
Katharina Rynesch Program Support
Mentor Management & Internal Communication
Theresa Stadler Senior Program Manager
Innovation Consultant
Thomas R. Werner Project Lead
Innovation Consultant